Building the Formations 1/35 Chaffee (part 6)

ChaffeeTitle-6 copy.jpg

Can you believe it ? Time to shoot some paint on this thing and see what it really looks like. This is always a surprise. But first, something completely different…


Garth turned me on to “Blacken it” for the tracks. These are Fruilmodel tracks, dipped in “Blacken it”, which turns them, well… blackish. The color is mostly black, almost too black, so I’m adding an oil wash of burnt umber to “brown” em up. “Blacken it” is cool because it adds tooth to the metal links, which allows the oil wash to really stick. Wear will be simulated by using steel wool to remove “Blacken it” on the high spots. I am really into subtractive processes.

OK, First I primed with Gunze Surfacer 1000 (thats Mister Surfacer to you). I prime so all the blemishes will show. There are all sorts of little gaps that become visible. Now is the time to find ‘em and fix ‘em. they get filled with Gap filling SG or epoxy. On the whole, things looked good.

Close up of the rear tensioner detail. The weld seam on the lower towing ring holder should get blended in more. Its a little abrupt.

Front glacis. Little things here to be filled, but not much.

Bow. There was lots of filling here. Looks OK. You can see the ghost image of the strip stock used to build up the front nose plate The tow hook thingies need to be blended in, so the look matches the rest of the model.


My paint booth. I have a build up behind my table with a vent that sucks air out. There is a card board “booth” I put around it for painting. I use all acrylics. The round wooden thing I use to hold parts for painting. It also doubles as a building stand.

Whoooooaa! Look at that shiny ugly green! This is Gunze “Olive Drab”, the darker version (they have 2). This will end up being the shadow color. Its a base to work from. I’m going to make the vehicle more Olive, which Jim says is more Brown. (Jim uses Tamiya Olive Drab with Tamiya Burnt Umber added. Jim also makes great stowage, When I get to that part I’ll have to figure out a way to trick him into contributing to the article somehow).

eeaaayoooh! My eyes are ringing.