Akatonbo Studies




Notes on study #1

1) These are lift rings for hoisting the aircraft. There are four and they angle inward, each pointing to the apex of the harness. These would be presumably be attached directly to the main spars, which in the Willow’s case are wooden.

Question: 1)Is the harness to lift the aircraft stowed inside the cockpit (or some other location)? This would make some sense as each harness might vary slightly and every crane wouldn’t have every type. 2) Is there a “walk-on” panel (the square in the center of the wing) so someone can walk up there and not fall through the canvas? I would assume so. 3) Behind this panel is a strip, that is lifted up. What is it? Is it a wind deflector to keep airflow off the trainee pilot? It appears to be hinged.
2) Dynamo mount. In later aircraft it was removed. Four bolts protrude and I assume the field workshop would make a cover to keep crud out.

3) This is some sort of optical device, I believe its a navigation aid. (see below). This I drew in, I have a photo showing a device, which I’ll post later on. The top views of this aircraft show a divot in the opening of the second cockpit here. I will direct questions regarding this device, later.
4) At first I thought this was a metal bar thing or a yoke, a device to lock the stick and hold the control surfaces in position, but after doing some reading and learning about the rubber speaking and listening tubes, I believe its a speaking tube wrapped up here. Just a thought.

5) This is a bracket to hold the blind flying hood for the trainee pilot.


Ok, lets tackle that little blip in the second cockpit. I’m assuming that the rear cockpit is for the trainee. There is a bulge behind the windscreen. In the drawing (above) it is blank.


Here is a photo of a Willow and there is a “thingy” here. Any idea what it is?


I looked through my other Maru’s and found this in a Pete. Looks like the same deal. Looks like a navigation aid. You slide the map in… you tell me.


This is a close up of a late float type connection. (Notice the little “hooky” thing).

In this artists drawing of the above detail photo, I have made the “Hooky” thing into a wing nut detail which would be used lock the float bar in place. I’m not a 100% (not even 50%). I feel that the “Hooky” thing has another purpose and look. It almost seems like a separate part from the float mounting bracket.


Float study-shows basic shape. I drew this to get a feel for the basic shape. This was copied from a photo and the connectors are different sizes.